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Georgia Boat/Watercraft insurance coverage

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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Georgia

Do You Need Boat Insurance in Georgia?

Even though the state doesn’t require that you have boat insurance, it should be part of your boat ownership plan. Not only does it cover your property, which can be a big investment, but it is also a layer of protection if an accident does happen. Many boating accidents can result in injuries, and if you are found responsible, you could be in jeopardy. Even if you are a responsible boater, there will still be other people around, and they may not have their own insurance.

What’s Covered Under Boat Insurance in Georgia?

There are several different things covered under boat insurance in Georgia. Check with your agent at Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency in Winder, GA for what’s covered under your specific policy.

  • Physical Damage: This portion will insure your boat against loss and damage caused by common risks, such as collision, theft, and storms. Policies usually cover the hull and other components, such as extra fuel tanks, anchors, motors, and onboard safety equipment. A boat trailer may or not be covered. Your boat can either be insured with actual cash value or replacement cost coverage. A replacement cost policy compensates you for the cost of replacing the boat with a similar model or restoring it to the original condition. An actual cash value policy gives you the current market value of a replacement.
  • Liability Coverage: This coverage applies if you cause injury to others or damage other docks, structures, or boats. The damage or injury can be due to direct contact with your boat or situations caused by your boat. This coverage will usually protect you from covered lawsuits and claims, including legal fees and settlements. Speak with your agent about possible risks so that you get the right coverage.

You can also get additional coverage in your policy for items such as sewage clean up or medical payments for guests.

Contact Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency, serving Winder, GA, to get a boat insurance quote.


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