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Georgia Life insurance coverage

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Life Insurance in Georgia

Types of Life Insurance in Georgia

Before you purchase life insurance in Winder, GA, it helps to know the two different types of life insurance policies to suit your needs.

  • Term Life Insurance: This type of policy helps cover you for a term of a certain number of years. It will only pay out the death benefit if you pass during that term. It will give you the best value for your money but doesn’t build up a cash value that you can use while still alive. It may not be renewable at the end of your term, but some policies are renewable.
  • Permanent Insurance: This can go by different names, such as whole, variable, or universal. It gives you long-term protection for your finances. These policies have a death benefit and, in most cases, cash savings. The cash savings may be used before you die in some cases, depending on your policy. These policies don’t need to be renewed after a certain term and will last as long as you pay the premiums.

Do You Need Life Insurance in Georgia?

Most people can benefit from life insurance in Winder, GA if they need to provide for someone after they die. If someone relies on your income, or someone would inherit your debt, then life insurance is a good thing to have.

Getting a Life Insurance Policy

An agent at Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency can help you decide how much coverage is best for you. You want to think about how much of the household income you are currently providing and how long your family will depend on you financially. These questions can help you decide what policy to get and how much. It’s helpful to work with an agent every few years to review your life insurance. Will you need more if your family size increases? Does inflation affect your future needs?

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