When should you review your home insurance coverage

When you buy a home, they should include a class in home insurance. It is so important to your security. But they don’t, so it’s up to you to learn all the things you need to know about home insurance. You need to keep in mind that the policy you bought 20 years ago may not be right for you today. Your needs and risks change over the years. In Winder, GA, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency is a full-service agency that provides the customer support you need. 

Most home insurance policies renew yearly and come with a declaration page. This page gives you the details of your policy. The amount of coverage and the deductible. When you get this each year, it makes sense to look at the figures and consider whether your coverage is where you want it. If you are worth more than you were when you took out the policy, the liability coverage may not be high enough to offer adequate protection. If you have a dog, a pool, or a trampoline, your risk rises exponentially. 

Making upgrades to your home increases its value. Resale prices are affected by many home repairs you make. If you do a major renovation, things like putting in a new kitchen, finishing a basement, or adding an extension, you should notify your insurance carrier so that they can reaccess the replacement value of your home. 

Some things you do to your home can lower your premium. If you add a home security system, add deadbolts, install fire and carbon monoxide detectors, make your home a smart home, or replace your roof contact your insurance company with the updates. 

If you live in or near Winder, GA, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency is here to help ensure you have the right policy and the correct amount of coverage. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.