How Boat Insurance Compares to Car Insurance

It should come as no surprise that boat insurance is similar to car insurance in quite a few ways. After all, just like you do with cars, you drive, park, and store boats, and boats can also get damaged by the elements or even stolen. 

However, because boats and cars also have fundamental differences, there also happen to be differences between boat insurance and car insurance. Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency in Winder, GA provides this guide in navigating the two types of coverage. 

How Boat Insurance Compares to Car Insurance


  1. Policies vary from company to company. That means there can be differences in pricing as well as policy options. However, the main types of boat coverage you can expect to find include physical damage coverage and property damage liability. 
  2. You can opt for optional coverage. While optional coverage options for cars include collision, comprehensive, and glass coverage, options for boats include uninsured/underinsured boater and medical payments coverage. 


  1. Boat insurance isn’t mandatory. But even though you aren’t required to insure your boat, you’re strongly encouraged to do so. What makes having coverage even more important is the possibility that someone else’s uninsured boat will damage your boat. And not having boat insurance doesn’t mean you don’t have any legal responsibility. So liability coverage is always a wise choice for boat owners. 
  2. You can purchase boat insurance at an agreed value. Unlike auto insurance companies, boat insurers provide “agreed value” coverage options that allow you to insure your boat at a predetermined amount. With boat coverage, if you experience a loss, you’ll be paid that exact amount no matter how much the boat has been damaged. 

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Is Boat Insurance Required if You Boat Often on Open Water in Georgia?

When you’re out there in your boat, you can’t always see what’s beyond your view. It might be fog. It could be rain, or just a rock in the middle of the lake you didn’t know was there. What can you do to protect yourself from the uncertainties?

While the state of Georgia has no mandated requirements for carrying boat insurance, it is a good practice if you own a boat. No matter how much you ride in open water, there is always a chance for accidents the more you are on the water. Sooner or later, you may run into a storm, another boat, or experience an incident such as running across underwater rocks or other materials that can damage your boat.

What Does Boating Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance covers pretty much any type of incident or accident that could occur either while sailing or driving your boat or while your boat is parked in the docks. Boat insurance is a layer of protection you don’t want to be without in case an incident occurs.

Where to Find Boat Insurance in Winder, GA

If you live in the Winder, GA area, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency has your back when you are looking for boat insurance to protect your boat against many types of problems, damage, and injury. They have years of experience in offering insurance for boat owners as well as many other kinds of insurance coverage like home, life, and health.

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Remember, when the water is deep, you need a better life preserver. We can help you by offering boat insurance to protect you from the unforeseen events that lie ahead.