What commercial insurance is required in Georgia

Owning a business has a certain amount of risk. The risks facing your business are particular to your individual type of business. Different types of businesses have different risks, which is why your commercial insurance needs to be customized to your distinct business. If your business is located in or near Winder, GA, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency has the experience to help you make sure you comply with the law. We will make sure you can sleep at night knowing you and your business are safe. 

Workers’ compensation

Like most states, Georgia mandates employers provide employees with workers’ compensation insurance. If your business employs three or more employees regularly, even if they’re part-time, you must have workers comp. It is a good thing for both employees and employers. Healthy and happy workers are a benefit for any business. An employee is less likely to sue an employer who takes care of them. 

Commercial auto insurance

If your business owns any vehicles, you must have commercial auto insurance. The minimum required amount is 25/50/25. If you are using a personal vehicle to do business, you may not be covered. Personal auto policies frequently exclude use for business. 

While you may not be required to have other types of commercial insurance, it may be a good idea for you to consider them.

Commercial liability insurance

Getting sued is a nightmare. Losing the judgment an even bigger nightmare. It could bankrupt your business if you don’t have commercial liability insurance. Commercial liability covers a variety of scenarios where you might have to pay for an injury. 

Commercial property insurance

You can’t do business with all the things you use to do business. Commercial property insurance covers you from many hazards that can damage your place of business and your equipment. 

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