Questions to ask when purchasing life insurance

Thinking about purchasing life insurance? It can be stressful. Who can you ask all the questions running through your head? At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency in Winder, GA, questions are our specialty. We are locally owned and operated and our team is dedicated to making sure we provide our clients with not only answers to their questions but personalized insurance products to meet their needs. 

I get life insurance through work enough is that enough?

That really depends on how much life insurance is provided by your employer. It may not be anywhere near enough to provide the safety net you need for your loved ones. Keep in mind, that life insurance from an employer will usually go away when you stop working for that employer. 

Is a physical required to get life insurance?

You may need to get a physical, but it is not always required. Chances are you will have to answer a lot of health questions. To have the maximum amount of choices, you will need a physical exam. 

I’m going to retire do I need life insurance?

Each case is different but if you are financially secure and have made sure your final expenses are provided for, probably not. If however you still have people who rely on your income and even your income in retirement and might not be financially stable without you, then yes you still need life insurance. Talk to your financial advisor before making this important decision. 

How much life insurance do I need?

Enough to make sure those you leave behind will be taken care of financially. One answer won’t do, everyone will have a different need. Your financial advisor or insurance agent can help you with the figure you need. 

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