Four things you might not realize about classic car insurance

Classic car owners need to realize how important it is to have an insurance policy that’s appropriate to their unique coverage needs. Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency offers classic car insurance coverage to consumers in Winder, GA.

The following are four things you might not realize about classic car insurance:

Classic car insurance can cover restoration costs.

Classic car insurance often includes coverage for restoration costs, encompassing expenses related to the repair or refurbishment of vintage vehicles. This specialized coverage ensures that owners can maintain the authenticity and value of their cherished classic cars.

Classic car insurance policies might require appraisals.

Classic car insurance policies may require regular appraisals. These assessments ensure that the agreed-upon value accurately reflects the vintage vehicle’s current worth, helping owners receive appropriate compensation in case of a total loss or damage.

A vehicle might need to meet certain age requirements for classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance policies often have vehicle age requirements. These policies typically cover vehicles that are considered classics, antiques, or collectibles, with specific age thresholds that must be met to qualify for coverage.

Policyholders might need to adhere to various usage restrictions on a classic car insurance policy.

Classic car insurance policyholders may need to adhere to specific vehicle usage restrictions. These restrictions often limit the frequency and purpose of driving, ensuring the classic car is preserved for occasional use, exhibitions, or club events.

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