Do I Need RV Insurance in Georgia?

As one of the most beautiful states in the US, it’s not uncommon for both locals and tourists to explore the great state by RV. Anyone with a recreational vehicle (RV) in Winder, GA should understand the importance of having RV insurance to cover this large investment. 

In the state of Georgia, state law requires liability insurance at a minimum. Liability insurance covers you in the case where you injure yourself or others, or if there is any vehicular damage in the event of an accident. 

However, liability insurance won’t cover everything. While you may be thinking, "I’m a safe driver. Nothing is going to happen to me." Unfortunately, we can’t control other drivers on the road, or other scenarios that may occur. You want to be prepared for anything.

There are many insurance options available, and the experts at Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency strongly encourage you to look into the various options and coverage when insuring your RV. 

While liability insurance is the minimum required, when you embark on an adventure in your RV, insurance coverage should be the last thing on your mind. Cover your bases now and should something happen while you’re using the vehicle, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are properly covered for whatever financial cost you may incur. 

If you’re in Winder, GA or the surrounding areas, be sure to contact Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency for all your insurance needs. Our team of agents has a wealth of experience with insurance sectors including auto, home, life, commercial, RV, umbrella, and more. We’d be more than happy to discuss your coverage options and help you find the best plan for your motor vehicles, and any other insurance needs you may have. Reach out today!