Common Workplace Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Part of running a business includes making the work environment safe for your employees. If an employee becomes injured on the job despite your best efforts, you’ll need a good workers’ compensation program. If your company is in the Winder, GA, area, we invite you to contact our Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency agents. Our team has been serving insurance clients since 2010, and we’d love to talk to you about your workers’ compensation insurance needs.

Causes and Prevention of Workplace Accidents

According to TSW Training, approximately 1/3 of workplace injuries involve a slip or fall. Some of the most common reasons for employees’ falls are preventable, including wet floors, loose floor tiles, or tripping over cables or extension cords. Keeping the work area clean is one of your company’s most essential contributions to employee safety. However, if there are known hazards in the area (such as a wet floor or extension cord in the common areas of the office), be sure to post warning signs or cones in the areas to avoid them.

Wearing safe shoes in your work environment can further protect your employees and prevent slips and falls. Some companies proactively invest in their employees by issuing safe work shoes for them. Keep all work areas adequately lit, and promptly replace or repair faulty light fixtures. Providing annual work safety seminars for employees is another effective way to prevent those injuries.

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