What Are Georgia Motorcycle Insurance Options?

When you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Georgia, the minimum requirements are liability insurance for injuries and/or death. You also need minimum property damage liability insurance that will cover the property damage to other parties in the event of an accident.

You may want more than the minimum requirements. At Ransom & Associates, we want Winder, GA motorcycle riders to have the coverage they need for your motorcycle insurance. We can help you to design the most thorough policy that you need.

Georgia Motorcycle Insurance Options

You are required to get the minimum insurance for your motorcycle. You can add on other insurance coverages to design the Georgia motorcycle insurance policy that you need.

In addition to the minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance, there are a number of additional coverages that you can get.

• Collision Insurance – To cover your own damage after a collision
• Comprehensive Insurance – Covers your losses after theft, vandalism, or fire
• Special equipment and accessories coverage 
• Replacement cost coverage
• Medical expenses
• Roadside assistance
• Uninsured motorist coverage – Covers you in the event a collision with an uninsured party occurs

For comprehensive and collision insurance, you will need to set a deductible on your insurance policy. After an accident or emergency, you will be paid by the insurance company after you pay your deductible.

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When you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Georgia, you will have a lot of options to get the most thorough coverage possible.  At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency, we can help you to get the most coverage for your motorcycle. Call us for a quote today.