Essential Insurance Tips for Classic Car Owners in Winder, GA

For classic car owners in Winder, GA, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency wants to help classic car owners protect their prized possessions and prepare for unexpected accidents or incidents that may happen.

Special Considerations for Classic Cars

When you own a classic car, you have special considerations you must keep in mind when you’re insuring your car. While there are no special insurance requirements for classic cars in Georgia beyond what any other car would require, most owners of classic cars want to have specific classic car policies because these policies are more likely to cover the entire value of the car, while standard policies often undervalue the car because they assume that factors like age and mileage lower the value of a car, which is not true with classic cars.

Classic car owners also have different priorities than other car owners. When you have a classic car, you don’t just care about how your car works. It is an investment piece and maybe even part of a collection. For many classic car owners, the sentimental value adds even more importance to the car. Thus, if your classic car is damaged, even when it would be logistically more practical to swap it out for a new car, classic car collectors would prefer giving their cars longer lives and restoring their vehicles to glory whenever possible.

With these considerations, you’ll want to seriously consider the level of coverage you want to ensure you’re making the right choice for your classic car.

Protect Your Investment

Classic cars are cherished investments, so it’s no wonder that classic car owners tend to be extra protective over their cars. At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency, we get that Winder, GA, residents want the best for their classic cars and need insurance they can rely on. That’s why we work with each car owner to find insurance policies that give them the right amount of protection based on their situation. Request a quote, and we’ll happily work with you to reach your goals.

Four things you might not realize about classic car insurance

Classic car owners need to realize how important it is to have an insurance policy that’s appropriate to their unique coverage needs. Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency offers classic car insurance coverage to consumers in Winder, GA.

The following are four things you might not realize about classic car insurance:

Classic car insurance can cover restoration costs.

Classic car insurance often includes coverage for restoration costs, encompassing expenses related to the repair or refurbishment of vintage vehicles. This specialized coverage ensures that owners can maintain the authenticity and value of their cherished classic cars.

Classic car insurance policies might require appraisals.

Classic car insurance policies may require regular appraisals. These assessments ensure that the agreed-upon value accurately reflects the vintage vehicle’s current worth, helping owners receive appropriate compensation in case of a total loss or damage.

A vehicle might need to meet certain age requirements for classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance policies often have vehicle age requirements. These policies typically cover vehicles that are considered classics, antiques, or collectibles, with specific age thresholds that must be met to qualify for coverage.

Policyholders might need to adhere to various usage restrictions on a classic car insurance policy.

Classic car insurance policyholders may need to adhere to specific vehicle usage restrictions. These restrictions often limit the frequency and purpose of driving, ensuring the classic car is preserved for occasional use, exhibitions, or club events.

Reach Out To Us

Are you ready to get a quote on a classic car insurance policy that will cover your beloved classic vehicle? At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency, we’re happy to help. Get a quote on a policy that will cover your vehicle in Winder, GA by visiting us online or giving us a call to get started. 

So You Bought A Classic Car…Now What?

Your dream classic car is finally sitting in your driveway. While taking care of your classic physically might be the most obvious way to value your new asset, behind-the-scenes classic car insurance is the #1 most important way to protect and value your new car. Your regular auto coverage is not enough for a classic or collector’s car; you need and deserve the unique benefits of classic car insurance. 

We at Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency in Winder, GA can help you fill in this critical piece to classic car ownership.

Major Classic Car Insurance Benefits:

Agreed Value

Because your classic will continue to appreciate rather than depreciate like a typical vehicle, the most critical benefit of classic coverage versus regular auto insurance is a payout of the agreed value of your classic in the case of a total loss. 

Spare Parts Coverage

Maintenance and part replacement are a given for many classic cars, and coverage for these specialty parts and tools should be one of your top questions for our classic car insurance specialists.

Other Coverages

Of course, in addition to these unique benefits, classic auto coverage usually also includes coverage typical of regular auto insurance policies, including comprehensive and collision coverage, roadside assistance, liability insurance, under- and uninsured motorist coverage, and medical payment allowances.

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So, you bought a classic car. You brought it home to Winder, GA, and you ask yourself, "Now what?"

Now you call Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency for details regarding classic car insurance coverage specifics! Visit one of our classic car specialists today to find out how you can benefit from the unique benefits offered by classic car insurance. You and your asset deserve the best protection available, and we can help you make sure you get just that today!

Classic Car Insurance Explained

Collecting classic cars has become a popular hobby in America. Many folks are flocking trade shows and car events to see what vintage cars they can add to their collection. Classic cars are a huge investment. While maintenance is essential, you must think about classic car insurance to protect your memories and heritage. 

Classic car insurance isn’t that different from standard auto insurance. However, there are differences here and there. Want to learn more about classic car insurance? Keep reading as Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency of Winder, GA sheds more light on this insurance coverage.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance protects your collector’s car just like standard insurance protects your typical vehicle. However, the difference between your vintage car and your typical car is that it appreciates or maintains its value. As such, you need insurance coverage that protects the true value of your classic. Typical classic car insurance coverages include:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • Lability insurance
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • Special parts coverage
  • Medical Payments

When insuring your classic, you need to consider the agreed value. Unlike standard vehicles that depreciate from the moment you drive off the lot, antique cars appreciate. So, when your car is totaled, your insurer will compensate you the pre-agreed amount your car was worth when taking out the policy.

How do you qualify for classic car coverage?

While there are many definitions of classic cars, insurance companies consider a classic car as any vehicle that is 25 to 30 years old. While age is one consideration, you shouldn’t also use your car every day. Most insurance companies put a mileage limit as a condition for classic car insurance, and you must prove ownership of another car for a regular commute.

Buy classic car insurance in Winder, GA

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