Have Motorhome Upgrades? How Insurance Protects Your Investment

Motorhomes offer freedom and unique experiences and adventures. Enthusiasts typically customize and upgrade their recreational vehicles for a variety of reasons, and having an RV policy in place to cover them is essential. Here are some tips from our agents at Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency in Winder, GA.

What Upgrades Do For Motorhomes

Add-ons and upgrades can do a lot for motorhomes including increasing the following:

  • Functionality: Solar panels, security systems, and water tanks are a few additions that can boost the self-sufficiency and functionality of a motorhome.
  • Comfort: Upgrades like better mattresses, climate control systems, sound systems, and custom interiors can enhance your time on the road.
  • Aesthetics: Awnings, upgraded interior decor, and custom paint work are a few ways to create a unique motorhome that reflects your style.
  • Resale Value: Add-ons and upgrades can increase the resale value of the vehicle, which comes in handy should you sell or invest in a new motorhome.

Motorhome Insurance and Customization Policies

Motorhome insurance covers more than the primary vehicle, and it can extend coverage to any customizations and upgrades. Here’s how:

  • Custom Equipment Coverage: Many motorhome policies offer customized equipment coverage. Should your add-ons and upgrades get damaged or stolen, the insurance will cover replacement or repairs.
  • Personal Effects Coverage: This coverage extends to the personal belongings inside your motorhome and includes upgraded items.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: This is a value agreed upon between the insurer and owner should the vehicle get totaled or stolen. Covered losses, including customizations, are paid to the policyholder.
  • Full-Timer’s Coverage: This coverage is designed to suit the unique needs of those who permanently live in their vehicle and includes personal effects and customizations.

Protect Your Motorhome Improvements With Adequate Insurance

Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency in Winder, GA is here to help. Reach out to us about coverage before you drive your new motorhome off the lot!