How to prepare your business for a storm

Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency has been serving Winder, GA business owners with all their commercial insurance needs. We understand the risks associated with running a business. A storm can be a serious threat to your business, especially if you’re located in an area that tends to experience frequent storms. To help keep your business safe from the effects of a storm, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prepare for severe weather well before it arrives. 

How to prepare your business for a storm

One of the most important things you can do is ensure that your building and property are in good condition. This includes checking your roof for any leaks or damage, reinforcing any damaged walls or areas that could become an entry point for water during a storm, and ensuring that all windows and doors are properly sealed so they won’t be knocked open by strong winds or rain.

In addition to inspecting your building and property, it’s also important to prepare your business for power outages. This can be done by installing a backup generator or uninterruptible power supply, which will allow you to continue operating during the event of a power outage. You should also have an emergency plan in place that all employees are aware of so they know what to do in the event of a storm.

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

A severe storm can be extremely damaging and costly for businesses, so it’s crucial to take steps now to protect your business from future storms. By preparing well ahead of time, you can help keep your business safe and minimize damage when bad weather strikes. Part of the preparation is also ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage for your business. At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency, we proudly serve the Winder, GA area. Give us a call today.

4 Benefits of commercial insurance in Winder, GA

Owning and operating a small business demands a lot. You’ve poured countless time, energy, and effort into building your company. Commercial insurance protects this investment.

Fortunately, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency can help. Located in Winder, GA, their agents understand the benefits of commercial insurance far exceed the risks of going without it.

Below, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency shares the top four reasons to get commercial insurance.

Free up capital and assets

Operating a business can be expensive. Ordering materials, buying equipment, hiring workers, and investing in development are not cheap. Growth-minded owners know that commercial insurance maximizes their capital. Rather than holding cash uninvested to address potential losses, commercial insurance covers you instead.

Close larger clients

Proof of insurance is a common requirement. Commercial insurance offers credibility and reassurance to your customers. With a policy, you are committing to your company’s workmanship and taking ownership of any liability. Depending on scope and size, some larger contracts require insurance before signing.

Add a partner

You don’t have to do this alone. Adding commercial insurance is adding an advocate. Your problems are shared by your insurance agent. They inherit your risks. But, most importantly, agencies are willing partners who also want you to succeed.

Increases security

Business brings a lot of uncertainty. It’s impossible to predict accidents, property damage, lawsuits, or other incurred losses. While any one of these incidents could result in huge out-of-pocket costs, commercial insurance can help foot the bill. By minimizing the threat of financial loss, you are reducing risk and volatility. This extends to your employees too.

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Through a commercial insurance policy, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency can grant you peace of mind knowing you’re protected. This allows you to focus on running your business. Schedule an appointment today.

What commercial insurance is required in Georgia

Owning a business has a certain amount of risk. The risks facing your business are particular to your individual type of business. Different types of businesses have different risks, which is why your commercial insurance needs to be customized to your distinct business. If your business is located in or near Winder, GA, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency has the experience to help you make sure you comply with the law. We will make sure you can sleep at night knowing you and your business are safe. 

Workers’ compensation

Like most states, Georgia mandates employers provide employees with workers’ compensation insurance. If your business employs three or more employees regularly, even if they’re part-time, you must have workers comp. It is a good thing for both employees and employers. Healthy and happy workers are a benefit for any business. An employee is less likely to sue an employer who takes care of them. 

Commercial auto insurance

If your business owns any vehicles, you must have commercial auto insurance. The minimum required amount is 25/50/25. If you are using a personal vehicle to do business, you may not be covered. Personal auto policies frequently exclude use for business. 

While you may not be required to have other types of commercial insurance, it may be a good idea for you to consider them.

Commercial liability insurance

Getting sued is a nightmare. Losing the judgment an even bigger nightmare. It could bankrupt your business if you don’t have commercial liability insurance. Commercial liability covers a variety of scenarios where you might have to pay for an injury. 

Commercial property insurance

You can’t do business with all the things you use to do business. Commercial property insurance covers you from many hazards that can damage your place of business and your equipment. 

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