Essential Insurance Tips for Classic Car Owners in Winder, GA

For classic car owners in Winder, GA, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency wants to help classic car owners protect their prized possessions and prepare for unexpected accidents or incidents that may happen.

Special Considerations for Classic Cars

When you own a classic car, you have special considerations you must keep in mind when you’re insuring your car. While there are no special insurance requirements for classic cars in Georgia beyond what any other car would require, most owners of classic cars want to have specific classic car policies because these policies are more likely to cover the entire value of the car, while standard policies often undervalue the car because they assume that factors like age and mileage lower the value of a car, which is not true with classic cars.

Classic car owners also have different priorities than other car owners. When you have a classic car, you don’t just care about how your car works. It is an investment piece and maybe even part of a collection. For many classic car owners, the sentimental value adds even more importance to the car. Thus, if your classic car is damaged, even when it would be logistically more practical to swap it out for a new car, classic car collectors would prefer giving their cars longer lives and restoring their vehicles to glory whenever possible.

With these considerations, you’ll want to seriously consider the level of coverage you want to ensure you’re making the right choice for your classic car.

Protect Your Investment

Classic cars are cherished investments, so it’s no wonder that classic car owners tend to be extra protective over their cars. At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency, we get that Winder, GA, residents want the best for their classic cars and need insurance they can rely on. That’s why we work with each car owner to find insurance policies that give them the right amount of protection based on their situation. Request a quote, and we’ll happily work with you to reach your goals.