Winterize Your Motorhome

Winter is the perfect time to settle into your home in Winder GA and enjoy time with the family. When you don’t plan on taking any trips, Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency suggests that you winterize your motorhome to keep it in running condition.

Empty the Water from Tanks and Lines

Leftover water in the plumbing can freeze, and it can allow bacteria to grow and create gross smells in the black and gray water tanks. Emptying the tanks and giving them a cleaning flush will reduce smells and limit the impact of any freezing inside of the tanks. Make sure to give the water in the water heater time to cool beforehand. Drain the lines afterward.

Take Out the Inline Water Filters

Winterization can damage these filters, so take them out before continuing with the next step.

Pump the System with Antifreeze

Start by bypassing the water heater, which may be a simple process on RVs with a bypass already installed. Otherwise, you’ll need to look up the steps. Pump the RV antifreeze into the system, then open the faucets in the RV. Start with the ones nearest the pump, opening the hot side first until antifreeze flows. Flush the toilets next so they fill with the antifreeze. Lastly, dump a cup of antifreeze down each drain, turn off the pump, and close the system.

Keep Your Insurance Active

Even when in cold storage, your RV is a valuable asset that needs protection. At Ransom & Associates Insurance Agency serving Winder, GA and surrounding Barrow County, we recommend contacting your agent or provider and seeing if winterization is factored into your policy or if there are lay-up coverage options that cut your costs but keep the protection that you need like fire and theft.